Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Am That Change

May be this video of 3 minutes could change your life

Watch the short film "I Am That Change" directed by Sukumar. Allu Arjun himself produced the short film.

Cinematography : Amol Rathod , Music : Sai Kartheek , Editor : Prawin Pudi
Casting : Allu Arjun, Bharat Reddy, Tanisshq Reddy, Trisha, Vikram Chaitanya, Satish, Surya Arshith, Sri Varshini.
Direction Department : Kasi Akula, Prasad Marisetty, Kasi Vishal, Suneel Madhav, Praveen, Buchi Babu, Vikram Chaitanya, Gangadhar.
Cameraman Asst : Narayana 
Line Producers : Bunny Vas, Babu
Production Manager : RK
Director : Sukumar
Producer : Allu Arjun

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Their Relationship Didn’t Work Because She Couldn’t Do One Small Thing. I’m Glad She Didn’t, What you feel about it?

Her Life Her Choice

When a community dictates that a woman's part is usually to play a second fiddle in a relationship, sometimes the best answer is to live life on your own terms. There are instances when unwritten rules pigeonhole women into stereotypical roles but this world belongs to us as much as it belongs to anybody else. A woman's role is what she wants it to be and nothing else. Her life, her choice.

This simple yet strong commercial by Titan gives a great inspirational message to young girls and women across the nation and the world. Spread your wings and fly, there's nothing stopping you!

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