Monday, May 2, 2016

How to get rid of the poisonous chemical "malathion" sprayed on grapes

Since 1956, malathion has been used for insect control and is often used by municipalities to control mosquito populations. The chemical is considered safe for humans and the environment when used under specific conditions and at specific concentrations. 

Malathion is of low toxicity; however, absorption or ingestion into the human body readily results in its metabolism to malaoxon, which is substantially more toxic.[17] In studies of the effects of long-term exposure to oral ingestion of malaoxon in rats, malaoxon has been shown to be 61 times more toxic than malathion.[17] It is cleared from the body quickly, in three to five days.[18] According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency there is currently no reliable information on adverse health effects of chronic exposure to malathion.[19] Acute exposure to extremely high levels of malathion will cause body-wide symptoms whose intensity will be dependent on the severity of exposure. Possible symptoms include skin and eye irritation, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating, seizures and even death. Most symptoms tend to resolve within several weeks. Malathion present in untreated water is converted to malaoxon during the chlorination phase of water treatment, so malathion should not be used in waters that may be used as a source for drinking water, or any upstream waters.

To get rid of the poisonous chemical "malathion" that is sprayed on grapes

Wash grapes with Colgate -- Great Tip

Sunday, May 1, 2016

MY FIRST TIME.... [18+]‏

It was my first time ever
And I'll never forget
I'd do it again
Without a single regret.
The sky was dark
The moon was high
We were all alone
Just she and I.
Her hair was soft
Her eyes were blue
I knew just what
She wanted to do.
Her skin so soft
Her legs so fine
I ran my fingers
Down her spine.
I didn't know how
But I tried my best
I started by placing
My hands on her breast.
I remember my fear
My fast beating heart
But slowly she spread
Her legs apart.
And when I did it
I felt no shame
All at once
The white stuff came.
At last it's finished
It's all over now
My first time ever
At milking a cow...

GOTCHA ... !

NOW ALL U DIRTY MINDS ..............
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